Distribution network setting up

This is the first step of the development of a new brand. Once we have completed our own training and discovery of the company and products we will be in charge of selling (most of the times through on site visits and training sessions), we will adopt a detailed and holistic approach which will lead us to the setting up of a solid and reliable distribution network. Here are the key stages we follow:

  • In-depth Analysis

    In depth analysis of the product ranges in order to prioritize countries and channels targeted. Based on our experience and knowledge of the Asia-Pacific region we will classify each country according to its acceptability of the products and its potential.

  • Market research

    Our extensive (and updated in real time) database of distributors specialized in the import of food products (and most of them of French food products) enables us to establish a preliminary list of potential distributors. We may work with government agencies if needed to complete our survey.

  • Professional presentations development

    Developement (if needed) of the material requested for professional presentations of the company and products (DELIOS website integration, Powerpoint presentations…)

  • Qualification

    Emailing and phoning to the selected prospects in order to validate interest as well as products appropriateness with importers portfolio. We also check the logistics aspect especially the ability for each candidate to import the products offered in terms of regular full and/or consolidated shipments.

  • Active prospection

    Face to face meetings with detailed company and products presentations in order to establish a final list of potential importers.

  • Final stage

    After internal discussions with the brand and a second (and/or third) round of meetings (if needed) we select the suitable partner for the country targeted.

Market Accessibility

Food products being sensitive at various levels for most countries we cover, we carry out detailed checks with the distributors as well as with some government agencies on the accessibility of the products in the targeted markets. It can be a lengthy and tedious process but most of the time it is a prerequisite for the products to go through the various layers of local administrations. We cover here all the following aspects:

  • Products composition

    Ingredients, origin…

  • Conformity

    Product conformity to local regulation

  • Labeling compliance

    Nutritional values, additional labeling…

  • Registration

    Products and company registration with local authorities.

  • Product development

    if requested to enter a strategic market.

Business Development

This is the cornerstone of our action. With our 3 offices in the region we are able to visit very regularly and whenever needed our distributors. DELIOS will accompany them throughout the duration of the partnership with the French supplier. Our action encompasses every aspect of an export business development supported by an orderly and carefully planned strategy. What DELIOS does for you:

  • Training & Support of distributors sales teams

    Products trainings, joint end users visits, key accounting activities. DELIOS sales team visits regularly the end users in order to ensure a direct prescription role and to gather first hand data market and customers feed back on the products offered.

  • Strong market presence

    We organise regular business reviews and build strategic plans with decision makers.

  • Customer follow-up

    We monitor customers activities and satisfaction in order to maintain the brand momentum.

  • Monitoring of opportunities

    Constant monitoring of new opportunities across each market channels (food service, retail, BtoB). We are able to handle the development of private labels with some major retailers in the region for instance.

  • Providing solutions to distributors

    We provide appropriate solutions to our distributors for them to benefit of a better brand visibility and awareness among their own customers base

  • Reporting

    We keep our brand partners informed on a regular basis of the sales development from a regional and country by country perspective. The manufacturers can focus on the essential and leave the details to us. DELIOS sales managers are accountable and proactive. No stone will be left unturned.

  • Strategic Planning

    We prepare yearly budgets and strategic plans and implement them in a well coordinated and timed approach.

Our Partners

Brand Building

We have a premium and attractive brands portfolio and we like to let it know. Besides its strong involvement in the business development, DELIOS will be in charge of strongly establishing the brands in the Asia-Pacific region. We carefully plan and execute together with the manufacturers and their distributors all type of actions which will give a continuous and always renewed visibility to the brands and products. What DELIOS does for your brands:

  • Marketing plans

    We prepare and execute marketing plans in line with the business development strategy and budget.

  • Implementation

    We coordinate and implement with the distributors the action plans.

  • Brand exposure

    We organize products demonstrations, networking events, personalized trainings, exhibitions… Once again all these heavily time consuming tasks are outsourced to DELIOS team while ensuring you to benefit from professional and adapted solutions for your brand exposure.

  • Retail activities

    We organize in-store promotions and tastings in a retail environment.

  • Communication

    Media activities (advertorials, advertisement… in carefully selected publications in the region).

Customer Service

As a fully integrated solution DELIOS closely coordinates and handles all aspect of the export process in order to ensure both manufacturers and importers satisfaction. DELIOS team is highly proficient in international trade matters with a specialization in food products. We work closely with the export departments in France and the import teams locally. Our action encompasses:

  • Orders and shipments coordination

    We will ensure thanks to our regular contacts with the distributors that there is a suitable inventory. We also establish some forecasts which are updated in real time according to market trends and seasonal fluctuations.

  • Quality claim follow-up

    Whenever this situation happens we will coordinate and monitor with the manufacturers that appropriate answers and follow up are given in a satisfactory manner for both parties.

  • Accounts receivable and related matters

    DELIOS team is familiar with all type of financial solutions for international trade and will provide its partners with some valuable advice whenever needed.