Pomone Foucteau

Pomone is a family know-how in the growing of fruit tree since 1890. The company has been growing fruits in the Loire Valley for five generations, spreading over rich home soils which provide them all their flavour.
In 1992, the SARAZIN family decided to create a partnership with professionals specialized in pastry to produce apple tarts with fruits from the farm. The “Pomone” brand was founded as well as a whole unit of production of frozen pastries.

Throughout the years, Pomone has become one of the leaders in tart making in France. A position that was reinforced in 2001 thanks to the hiring of a Master Chocolate maker with whom the company creates tasty, chocolate desserts in the purest French tradition.


Tradition, Creativity, Flavours, Freshness, from « farm to fork products ».

  • Food Service

    Pomone has developed a wide range of top quality frozen desserts for professionals to meet the needs of all types of catering (restaurants, hotels, pastry chains, bakery, cafes, etc.). This comprehensive range includes Multiportion Tarts (pre-sliced or whole), Individual Desserts (Moelleux Chocolate Cake, Tarte Tatin, French Brioche, Crumble, Crème Brulée, Clafoutis) as well as Petits Four.

  • Retail and in-store bakery

    Pomone also provides a range of desserts dedicated to retail and in-store bakery such as:

    • Tarts (Apple Tart, Tatin, Chocolate Tart, Meringue Lemon Tart…)
    • Moelleux Chocolate Cake
    • Clafoutis Gratin Flan
    • Individual portion (Custard Tart, Moelleux Chocolate Cake…)